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  • EPS Malaysia, Tokopak Larkin, Staff Lunch Gathering, Tohopak Melaka, Insulpack Tebrau, EPS, Johor
  • Tokopak Malaysia, Staff Lunch Gathering, Polyfoam, Insulpack Malaysia, Tohopak Melaka
  • EPS Malaysia, Tokopak Johor, Potluck Lunch at Panmatex Group EPS Division, Tohopak Malaysia, Insulpack Tebrau

On 20 Sept 2019, there was an internal training with the title, “Understanding of Employment Act 1955“, was conducted at Panmatex HQ Office, with attendees from Tokopak and Insulpack administrative staff.

The training course with duration of one full day, covered of the basic understanding of Employment Act 1955, and real life case studies for what have been facing by the relevant branches employees.

The session was ended at 5pm+ by photo taking for all trainers and trainees.