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Tokopak Larkin, Panmatex, EPS Malaysia, Tokopak Staff Hari Raya Celebration, Johor, Larkin, Tokopak Malaysia

On July 14, there was a staff lunch in conjunction with Hari Raya celebration held at Panmatex Industry Office, around 12 noon. The event involved of the staff from Tokopak, Tohopak and Insulpack branch offices. We are sincerely thank you for our management to kindly arrange for this special event.

Tokopak Johor, Panmatex, EPS, TPS, Seremban, Tokopak Malaysia, EPS Malaysia

A training with the title "Train the Trainer" was conducted in Tokopak Seremban on 30-Jun and 1-July, with the objective to create more values for employees as well as for company growing.